More Weeding – Tenetahi Rd

We had 2 successful days weeding with Mike and Carl (contractors from Biosecurity Services) in the bush below
Tenetahi Rd.
Mike and Carl concentrated on the jasmine and honeysuckle while we worked our way through the ginger which seemed to stretch
on for miles.
Follow-up spraying of the jasmine will be necessary in February.
Thanks to Auckland Council for providing funding to employ the contractors and to our volunteers Niklas Erikson, Anita Erikson, Margaret Scott, Arthur Gundy, Jo Evans and Pete Watkinson.
Thanks also to Pete and Liz for providing accommodation for Mike and Carl and to Pete for transporting us up and down the hill
in his ‘Mule’.  If it is fine in Leigh tomorrow Mike and Carl will continue clearing the Jasmine for another 10 hours; otherwise
they will return prior to Christmas.