Account of Planting Days

Day 1:  Glorious, sunny day.  However, due to the challenging terrain, the whole day was spent transferring plants down the steep slopes.  We were entertained by ‘Flash’, a gorgeous Jack Russell visiting from Christchurch who had 100 times more energy than we did and lived up to his name when it came to chasing and retrieving his tennis ball.

Jack Russell Terrier
Flash the Jack Russell Terrier 'helping out'

Day 2:  Barely able to get out of bed due to aching knees and sore thighs.  Approximately 100 plants were left on the slopes to transport down the hill and another 600 were waiting for us on the driveway.  Commenced planting at 9.30am.  The rain arrived at 10.00 am and became torrential by midday.  The slopes were slippery and quite treacherous so it was decided to access the valley from the other side.

Tree Planting Day
Tree Planting Day

Day 3:  Another day of planting.

Many thanks to our hard working team of volunteers:-

Trish and Arthur who made two trips to Te Hana Nurseries to collect the plants.
Rupert (and Flash), Niklas, James and Margaret
Margaret Scott, Jo Evans, Sue Gibbings and Carol Banks.

Our next planting day is scheduled for Sunday 1 August.

Hope to see you there.

Planting Days in July and August

The first planting days are planned for Friday 16 July, Saturday 17 July and Sunday 1 August.

We will be concentrating on planting the valley/catchment area at the top of Mt Pleasant Drive.  If you or your friends/family would like to participate in any of these planting days we would be delighted to see you.

You will need to bring your own spade, gloves and sturdy footwear.  These dates are subject to weather conditions.  Please post a comment if you need any further information.

Wai Care 2010 Award

In recognition of the streamside work to date, Wai Care recently awarded the society first prize in its “Native riparian restoration undertaken by a community group” category.

Wai Care 2010 Award