Sunday 26 October

It seems to be a matter of one step forward and two backwards when it comes to clearing this nasty weed.  We revisited areas where we had previously cleared tradescantia to find that it was at least ankle deep over the top of the weed mat we had put in place.  Nik and I made an early start and spent 5 hours working on the Harvey’s wetland area.  We were joined by Richard Taylor who helped Nik to empty out one of the weed bags which was full of great compost.  With Richard’s help we filled about 6 garden rubbish bags and plan to purchase more large weed bags which can remain in situ.  Richard Taylor spotted a large centrepede under one of the weed bags which was cradling some eggs.  By the time I had my camera ready it had let go of the eggs and retreated into a hole.

20141026_105225 (2)centipede_and_eggs_26_oct_2014








Sunday 2 November

Spent 4 hours spraying pampas and clearing Japanese honeysuckle covering trees at the bottom of Mt Pleasant Drive.