Wetland Weeding

While the turn-out of volunteers wasn’t that great, we had a very worthwhile weeding effort with the guys from Biosecurity Services on Sunday, 23 March and worked for 3 ½ hours clearing a number of weeds from the wetland area behind the brown cottage.

Thanks to Neil and Cheryl Sutherland for all their hard work.  Neil and Cheryl have been waging a war against weeds in Leigh for a number of years and are the founders of the Leigh Coastal Care group.   It is thank to their efforts the coastal walkway is maintained on a regular basis.  Their main focus has been controlling moth plant which they are able to spot a mile away.  They have a wonderful community spirit.

Thanks to Nola Harvey who attended for the first time.  John Harvey understandably decided to stay behind after a couple of nasty encounters with wasps although we hope to see him in the bush in the not too distant future, heavily clad in protective gear!  Thanks also to Chris Erikson and Pete Watkinson. 

We look forward to some wet weather so we can start planting the areas we have cleared.