Weed Warriors making progress on Cape Rodney

Our team of dedicated volunteers continues to make strides in restoring the native bush and bird life. Along with managing phase 1 of our pulse baiting programme, we have been continuing to focus heavily on moth plant control. This weed is a master of disguise but much easier to detect when it is flowering. The aim has been to target the larger vines before the flowers form into pods and disperse their seeds. We have established bait and trap lines in some of the worst affected areas which means we can regularly monitor and control this evil climbing weed, along with some of the other nasty strangling vines. Large groves of tobacco plant and Queensland poplar are also on our radar. Landowners have previously employed contractors to manage this weed infestation in one area and the landowners themselves have also been carrying out regular control.

On Saturday, 17 February we set off at 7.45am, joined by Maria Sinclair, a secondary school Biology teacher from Whangaparoa College who has had lots of weeding experience and is a member of STAMP (Society Totally Against Moth Plant.) Maria, Richard Taylor, and Troy Taylor scaled the steep slopes like mountain goats finding previously missed vines, including an extremely large one which had reached halfway up a large macrocarpa tree. Lots of pods had already formed and, where possible, these were collected. This will be an ongoing battle but one we are all determined to win!