Environmentally Friendly Weeding

We are continuing to make good progress following Chris Wadsworth’s environmentally friendly weeding programme. Chris and Keith have travelled to Leigh every weekend over the past 16 weeks. Approximately 250 hours of volunteer labour has been carried out during this period and 30 x 3 cubic metre weed bags have been filled.

Nik, Kerryn and Darren have been working on the track so we can commence our halo of control. This work was started several years ago but postponed due to Covid.

Here are some of Chris’s observations at our working bee on Saturday 23 April when we worked from the top of the valley downwards.

  • Lovely spot but loads of crasula, some tradescantia and moth vine. Also, some household rubbish!
  • Spider orchids abundant on a tree brought down by a slip
  • Discovered a White Maire (Nestegis Lanceolata).
  • Lunch was delicious. Sandwiches with avocado, tomato, ham, egg followed by date scones ! (best ever?)
  • Saw fresh water crayfish (koura) while clearing tradescantia at the very top of the creek. This area looked better afterwards.

I discovered 75 black sacks of garden waste (probably bagged tradescantia). They had clearly been there a long time as the bags had partly disintegrated.

Brought back several unidentified weeds. Identified ladder fern, AKA Boston Fern (Japanese variety with bulbs which aren’t present in the native variety.)