Update: January 2022

While we have not been able to hold any working bees for over 6 months due to lockdown and the wet weather, Jo Evans, Errol Albon and Nik Erikson have continued to carry out predator control in and around the valley. Individual landowners have also been targeting pest animals and pest plants. We planned to hold a working bee before the end of the year focussing on climbing asparagus at the top of the valley however this did not take place and will be a priority in 2022. Over Christmas a few other pest plants were discovered including Moreton Bay Fig, Japanese Spindle Tree and Snap dragon vine and a lot of ginger and large tobacco plants near the harbour.

We employed two students to carry out 20 hours of pest plant control along the Leigh Harbour foreshore and at the bottom of Tenetahi Rd. More work is required in this area.

The application to Auckland Council to remove the larger wilding pines from the Leigh Scenic Reserve (DoC) land has been a lengthy process and we are currently investigating the various reports required with the hope of progressing with this application and submitting it early this year.