Pest Control and Pest Free Leigh Launch

The Pest Free Leigh Launch held on Saturday, 17 October was a huge success and it was great to hear about their vision for the area. The hall was full of local Leigh and Mathesons Bay residents and holiday homeowners, all eager to do their part. Cam Rathe provided an excellent presentation on pest control and it was exciting to hear plans are underway to release Kiwi onto Mt Tamahanga withinin the next 12-18 months.

Leigh residents will be trapping rats with free traps provided by Pest Free Leigh and, in time, the plan is to progress to the outlying rural areas. The efforts of the various volunteer community groups should help to make the Pest Free Leigh dream a reality.

A big thank you to Jo Evans who put together a wonderful display of the achievements of the LHVS over the past 12 years.

On Saturday, 17 October, Nik and Matt Deeling spent 4 hours positioning A24 Good Nature traps in the kauri block.
The next plan is to intensify trapping on our well-established tracks and to add more traps to the kauri block.
To date (from what we can gather from rotting carcasses) we have caught 24 possums and 42 rats with the self-setting traps.

Pest free launch display board 17th October 2020
Pest free launch display board 17th October 2020