Update March 2018

On 19 March Jo Evans and Susan Gibbings inspected all the DOC200 traps including those on the old logging track behind the Brown Cottage (6 traps) and all those close to the stream up the valley (11 traps).

6 contained the remains of a rat and 1 the remains of a stoat/weasel. They cleaned up the inside of the boxes and removed the DOC200 mechanism from some of the traps to facilitate cleaning. Some that had not been tripped were jammed because the trigger hinge was stiff from dirt and/or corrosion.

The last trap up the valley, close to the big waterfall, was missing until it was found in the stream without its lid. The mechanism was skewed so Jo has taken it home for repair.

4 of the DOC200 mechanisms are all stainless steel in construction and in very good condition. The rest (which have only the pressure plate made of stainless and the rest galvanised steel) are showing some deterioration, mostly rust on the base, the clamp and some on the tip of the trigger where it contacts the pressure plate. However Jo thinks they still have some useful life left in them and should be operational for another year at least.

Arthur has made all the boxes for the new rat traps and has given Jo about half of them to staple on the netting which Jo will do over the next few days.

Jo has bought four 60ml disposable syringes. He proposes to fill one with peanut butter and try using it to charge the new rat traps. If it works Jo has 3 more for use by others in the Society. Each syringe should hold enough to charge about 30 of the new traps.