Hacking of website

Unfortunately the website was hacked recently and we lost all the posts between May and August which detailed a significant number of hours work.  It is frustrating to lose this information which is a helpful reference when reporting back to the Council and other organisations.

In brief our focus over the past few months has been targeting pests with the assistance of Cam Rathe from Coastal Pest Control.  Quite a number of hours were spent planting astelia and a selection of other native plants on the Carlyon’s property.  We also had a successful weeding day on Mike and Fiona Francis’s property.  Shortly after returning from Europe, Jo Evans and Sue Gibbings set to work checking the stoat line and planting alongside the concrete driveway.  We have caught several more weasels and rats.Stoat - trap #3 21 Aug 2016 (4)

We had to cancel a couple of planned events due to the heavy rainfall.  Our next working bee will be a Community planting day on 25 September.