First efforts for 2016

31/1/16 – 2 hours spent clearing a grove of privet using the cut and paste method.

4/1/16 – Spent 4 hours clearing weeds including privet, monthplant, ginger, African Clubmoss on McMullan’s while Chris formed a track to the ridge to assist with pest control.

5/1/16 – Spent 3 hours with Chris clearing the bottom track alongside the creek running from McMullan’s to the wetland area (harbour end).  Chris formed bridges with Manuka and I cleared a large area of mothplant.

6/1/16 – 8.30am start with Cam clearing privet while Chris formed a track from the ridge to the stream and then along the reek.  I was stung on the arm and then chased by a very aggressive German wasp.  Cam kindly located and eradicated the nest.  Cam and I later walked up the valley to survey the area and cleared a small number of weeds.  A decision was made to spray the majority of Tradescantia and clear it by hand streamside.

7/1/16 – 8.30 start.  Cam, Richard Taylor, his children (Troy and Kristin) and I transported some remaining wetland plants to the top of the catchment area.  The tradescantia and asparagus fern cleared from this area a year ago is becoming re-established.  We hand-cleared weeds and planted about 50 sedges.

8/1/16 – 8am start – 3 hours were spent weeding around plants on Carlyons which had become smothered with bindweed.  The Pratia Angulata is becoming established.  The Muehlenbeckia is taking a bit longer.  My work was cut short by a thunderstorm.

10/1/16 – 3 hours were spent weeding/spraying on our wetland area.  The sedges planted further up the valley were hand weeded.  Bindweed is once again a major problem.  Areas of Tradescantia and African Clubmoss were also cleared.

18/1/16 – 3 hours weeding around the flaxes and tea tree plants on the Carlyon’s.  Weeds area already becoming re-established around the Pratia Angulata and Muehlenbeckia