Summer holidays 2012/13

In sharp contrast to last summer, there has been very little rain and a total fire ban has been put in place.   It was too hot to do much weeding during the day so Chris and I set off early in the morning to attack privet and moth plant on McMullin’s property.  Our war against privet in other areas of the valley has been extremely successful with lots of regeneration evident.

Sue Crawshay from Trees for Survival carried out her annual inspection of the plants and was impressed with the healthy specimens.  We look forward to working with Trees for Survival again during 2013 on McMullin’s, Wainwright’s and Wyatt’s properties.

Despite advanced spraying, bind weed has again taken hold of the plants in the wetland area on our property and within the valley.  Further hand releasing was carried out and follow-up spraying will be necessary.

Unfortunately something has attacked the weedbags which were located in the Dingle’s wetland area.  It is uncertain as to whether birds, rats or a pig have made numerous holes in the bags.  I contacted the manufacturer who was interested in the feedback which will assist him with product development.   The holes were sealed with masking tape and some of the bags have been shifted to the Watkinson’s property where a major weeding effort is taking place.

Our application to fence Wyatt’s property has been successful and a further application is underway for wetland plants for the Gundy’s wetland area and the valley.