Sunday, 3 October 2010

A glorious day.  Chris planted the remaining pohutukawa from Project Crimson on the eastern slopes of Sir Duncan McMullin’s property.

I discovered 18 manuka which had been inadvertently left on the slopes, camouflaged in the grass.  Fortunately they had been well watered by weeks of heavy rainfall, and looked very healthy.

All the plants are thriving but so are the weeds.  A weeding effort will be required shortly, as well as mulching to ensure the plants survive during the summer months.

Thanks to Sue and John Haigh who planted flaxes along the border of bush, on Mt Pleasant Drive and then helped with further weeding/planting at the bottom of Mt Pleasant Drive.

In the afternoon, we carried out further weed control in the QEII protected wetland area alongside Leigh Harbour.  Chris chainsawed a pine tree which fell down in a recent storm and was blocking the estuary.