Planting Day – Saturday 25 September

Another successful planting/weed clearing day was held on Saturday 25/9/10, after weeks of dreadful weather and several cancellations.

Thanks to our team of volunteers – Trish, Arthur, Richard, Margaret, Linda and Alan, Margaret and Alistair who spent 2 1/2 hours clearing weeds at the bottom of Mt Pleasant Drive.

Quite a lot of moth plant was found and this was bagged.  More weed clearing is required in this area.

After an enjoyable lunch, the group headed off for a walk through the valley via  Sir Duncan McMullin’s property to check the plants, which all seem to be thriving.   We were thrilled to notice that the stream is now running clear.  Several members, who have not seen the valley before, were amazed to discover such a magnificent walk on their doorstep.

Further weeding efforts are needed, particularly in the middle area of the valley where tradescantia is rampant.  We plan to have another major weed clearing effort in the valley within the next two months.