Monthly Archives: February 2021

Pest Control 2021

We are continuing to have success catching pest animals which confirms our efforts need to be ongoing, even when the traps are empty. When we checked the traps on our property and up Mt Pleasant Drive on 7 February, the tally was 1 weasel, 1 stoat, 6 rats and 2 mice. This excludes the self-setting traps which are positioned in the less accessible areas. A week later we met with Errol Albon who has kindly offered to assist us with checking our traps and, within the week, 6 more rats, 1 mouse and a freshly caught weasel, snared by a snap trap, were added to the total. We don’t recall catching a weasel in a snap trap before and the lure was peanut butter and Oreo cookies, rather than rabbit meat, so this victim must have had a sweet tooth! There doesn’t appear to be much possum activity. Nik will check the self-setting traps within the next few weeks and reposition them

We have been communicating with the Leigh Coastal Care group regarding a more co-ordinated approach to clearing weeds in the surrounding area. A priority is the wilding pines along the coastal walkway, some of which are getting quite large, and climbing asparagus which is getting established in the valley.