Plants lost in slips after heavy rainfall

The muddy water around the Leigh coastline was a sign that the recent heavy rainfall had caused significant damage in the area.  Unfortunately our restoration project was not left unscathed.  Two large slips on Sir Duncan McMullin’s property buried at least 50 of the wetland plants planted last Autumn.  Thankfully, the planted slopes were not affected, although one slip on the unplanted side of the valley exposed a large area of greywacke so we won’t need to plant anything there!   Another slip on our property took out some of the steps and a number of native trees on one of the recently formed walkways.  Several large slips have also occurred along the main stream.  We won’t be planning any clean up until the soil has settled and we have a better idea of the new course of the streams which have, in some areas, been altered by the slips.